Guest Series: Amanda


Guest Series

Part 1: Cooking for a Crowd

Part 2: Menu Planning & Shopping

Part 3: Cooking & Serving

Part 4: Tex Mex Salad for a Crowd


Meet Amanda:

Age:  28

Sign:  Aquarius

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Drink:  Coffee & Wine

Favorite Show:  The West Wing

Guilty Pleasure:  Bubble Baths! (with Netflix…and wine.)

Dream Vacation:  A month in New Zealand. Hiking, beaching, adventuring!

Favorite Vacation:  Our mini-moon to Camden, Maine at Whitehall, a dreamy little B&B. As much as I loooved our belated honeymoon to Mexico, there was something so special about getting away for a few days after our wedding.

Current Goal: Get back into running shape! I’ve always loved running, but fell off the bandwagon. I’d love to do another half-marathon in the fall.

Favorite Thing To Do on the Weekends:  Mini-adventures! My husband and I love to take little day trips to fun towns, restaurants, and sites. We’re currently starting a spring/summer plan for visiting dog-friendly breweries with our pup Moxie.

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