Meet Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, but some people call me SPOTTS. I’m married to my amazing husband, Alex, Mama to our Isabelle (our 1-year-old daughter) and Charlie (our first fur child). We relocated from the city to country life this past year in order to be closer to family and be able to afford our first home. We bought an 1893 farmhouse and slowly working down our renovation list, trying to do as much of it ourselves. This blog is a chance for me to do some creative thinking and share some of my favorite projects around the house including baking, cooking, home renovations and Mom life. I hope you like my ramblings. Thanks for reading and for your support!

About Me:

Age:  30

Sign:  Leo

Favorite Food:  Thai

Favorite Drink:  IPA Beer

Favorite Show:  Fixer Upper and Blindspot

Guilty Pleasure:  Spa Day!

Dream Vacation:  France for at least a month

Favorite Vacation:  Peter Island

Current Goal:  Start working out 3 days a week (recovering lost athlete)

Favorite Thing To Do on the Weekends:  Brunch with my family and playing outside