Mom Life: What To Wear

If you’re a new Mom, you are just desperately trying to find the time to go to the bathroom and shower. Eventually, you graduate to getting out of the house in yoga pants. And unless you are headed into a job that forces you to dress a specific way for work, it’s safe to say you are still wearing yoga pants . . . every day.

When I was pregnant, I had a super simple wardrobe. It consisted of 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of black denim, 3 long sleeve shirts (black, light grey, dark grey), a pair of leggings, yoga pants (my regular ones) and a few pregnancy tops. I borrowed dresses from old co-workers to wear to work and events. I rotated through these clothes on a daily basis, doing laundry every couple of days. I would add a scarf, vest, sweater, or jacket (if it fit) to add color. I became obsessed with how easy this wardrobe was. And I also loved all of the pieces.

IMG_0604 IMG_0681 IMG_0964 IMG_1173

After my little one was born, I thought to myself, “Hey, let’s recreate out pregnancy wardrobe in normal person clothes!” So I did. I bought a few basic tops. A new pair of jeans. I added in some blue and white this time, gasp! How risky. I would say up until November, I was happy with my wardrobe. I would wear shorts in the summer time. I slowly started to add in some of my straight leg pants from before I was pregnant, and a few of my tops. But for the most part, I was wearing jeans and one of those basic shirts or yoga pants . . . every day.

IMG_1175 IMG_0435

I have a huge (for me) wardrobe of corporate clothing from my previous jobs. They aren’t really the best fit for my current role, but there are certainly pieces that I could incorporate into my wardrobe on a daily basis. But UGH, the thought of going through and thinking about what I could and shouldn’t wear is just daunting. I rarely have me time, and to spend that organizing my closet . . . NO THANK YOU!

That’s when I discovered Cladwell (insert heaven music). This app is genius. It reminds me of the closet in Clueless, but better!


Cladwell wants to save you the time you spend staring (hopelessly?) into your closet every morning, so that you can #TakeTheTime to do the things you really want to do. Cladwell is a daily outfit app for iOS. I get daily outfit recommendations, track my outfits, discover the right items, and buy fewer things, all without taking a single photo.

Every day, Outfits for iOS will send you outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item. Swipe through the options, and log one for the day.


I can’t even tell you how many times Cladwell has encourged me to wear a stellar outfit on the mornings when I feel so blah. I wake up thinking, “Ugh, I’m just going to wear yoga pants today.” That’s when Cladwell pops up with a friendly morning greeting on my phone. I review the suggestions for the day (that also take today’s weather into consideration), and BOOM . . . the next thing you know, I’m dressed in a great outfit!

Outfits for iOS keeps track of the items you wear the most, so you can treasure what you love, and get rid of what you don’t. Feel great about cutting the clutter while looking great.

You no longer have to stand in front of your closet door and feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that are in front of you. Cladwell sends you expertly-styled outfit ideas and recommendations every day. And it’s all based off of what you currently have in your closet, and the weather in your location, powered by Dark Sky.

At only $5 a month, the price is so reasonable for peace of mind. That’s half the price of the crappy hoodie you only wore once and then ruined with a $5 latte.

Outfits by Cladwell not only helps you get dressed every day, it helps you buy fewer things you don’t need, and truly love the things you have. That can save you a lot of time, money, and stress. And it might even save the world.

I highly recommend giving Cladwell a shot. To download the app, click here. To learn more, visit Cladwell online.

Have a great Monday!


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