Mantra – Take Care of Yourself

Oie. This is not a wristband from a Spring Break party. It’s an emergency room identification bracelet.

Here I am. Back from a week in Miami. Relaxed in the sun with my family. Walks along the beach. Fresh air. The best.

Came home got grocery shopping, laundry, baking, food prep all done. Clean house. Happy family. Awesome.

Went out to do some errands today with the fam. Stopped at Friendly’s, a childhood favorite of mine, for lunch. Was so excited to bring Isabelle for the first time. I’m sending a video to my Mom and sisters when WHAM, out of nowhere I feel like I’m going to faint.

The warm oozy lightheaded out of body feeling stays for a few seconds but seems like forever. I fought the feeling with all of my strength and told my husband something isn’t right. I don’t feel right. I feel like I’m going to faint. I focused on my Isabelle and told myself do not faint or have a panic attack. I’m in a restaurant full of 80+ year old elderly people and I am not going to be the one leaving here on a stretcher.

I was so nauseous afterwards, I didn’t touch my food. I had a Larabar with me and ate that, as I knew I needed something. I still felt off when it was time to go, so we went to the ER to get me checked out. My tests were fine and I got an IV to help me get hydrated and some meds for the nausea.

It seems pathetic to end up in a hospital after a vacation, no? I don’t know if it was stress or dehydration, but it was scary. I’m just glad my husband was with me. I try to think about what could have triggered it and what I should be doing differently but I don’t know. Going back into our normal week, I know I HAVE to take care of me, no excuses. So I’m setting goals to make sure that happens:

1) Drink a glass of water when I wake up. And drink at least 3 nalgenes worth during the day

2) Eat healthy

3) 10 minutes of exercise

4) Write in my Mommy journal each night

5) Be asleep by 10PM

6) Schedule my physical (it’s been over a year and a half)

Please remember to take care of yourselves. Even when you are feeling great, happy and relaxed. Your body may be secretly still exhausted and all of a sudden scream “umm Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ» chill out lady!”

Here’s to hoping today is a better day. Happy Monday!


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  1. I’m glad you’re ok!


    1. Thank you! Me too. Still a little freaked out about how random it was. Dr check up on Thursday.

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