Toddler Tuesday: Flying

Yesterday I shared tips on packing for your trip with your little one. You can find my lists and tips for packing here.

For all of you in Northeast today, I’m sure you are thinking of your next beach vacation after this snow storm.

As I said flying with a little one can be nerve wrecking, but if you plan ahead, you’d be surprised how well it can go.

The Airport

Rule #1: Always anticipate leaving for the airport 1 hour later than you had planned on. I used to always be early and now I’m always late.

TSA is great with babies. You will go through the old X-ray machine with your child. I’ve used my carrier going through (which I highly recommend) and have carried her through. Don’t bother taking the liquids out of your diaper bag. They are going to search the whole bag anyways and test your milk/juice. There is no limit on how much fluids/food you can bring with you. They ask you not to bring more than you’ll need for the flight but it’s always better to be a little over prepared.

We like arriving 2 hours before boarding time. It gives us time to get through security, feed our little one a meal, and let her run around. If you are lucky, the airport will have a kids zone where they can run and climb. Don’t be scared of germs. It will be worst on the plane 😷

If they are old enough, let them hold your hand and walk through the terminal to your gate.  The long walk will make them tired.

Getting onto the plane, I like to use our carrier, we have a Beco Gemini (I love it!). Sadly, a lot of Airlines no longer offer preboarding for children. So if you can, pay for that preboarding. Once we are on the plane, I’m the crazy Mom whipping out the Clorox wipes, wiping everything down. I set up her chair with the changing cover and blanket.

Be sure to have a bottle ready for take off. If you are lucky and they are exhausted from the airport, they’ll be asleep before takeoff.

To help your little one sleep on long flights, use your diaper bag and personal bags to make a bed. Place the bags in front of their seat (window or middle). Lay a blanket across, voila!

The pack of little toys you packed and snacks will be helpful distractions for when they are awake. iPads with their favorite shows are great too. Just remember to use headphones or have the sound off.

Changing Tables in the bathroom are tight. If you have an active little one, you’ll need a distraction for them as everything is in reaching territory (faucet, soap, towels). Take your time and don’t feel rushed.

If you are need of help, never hesitate to ask the flight attendants for help. And if you see another family needing help, feel free to offer a hand if you can. We sat behind a family during a flight and the little girl puked all over her Mom. We helped them with our wipes and offered our extra set of clothes. They were grateful for our help and we got a free beer from the flight attendants for being good samaritans.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Would love to hear what has worked for other families in the comment section ☺

Be safe in the snow everyone! ☺


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