Packing with a Toddler

Hello from Miami! 😎 Today’s post is all about packing for your vacation. A glass of wine is always helpful when starting the process.

We took our first flight with our little one when she was 10 months old. Not only was I nervous about flying with a baby but  we had a non stop Boston to San Francisco flight and more importantly I HATE flying. Like used to take meds for it…
Since I wanted to make sure we had a row to ourselves, and would be buying a ticket for our baby, our travel dates needed to be flexible. We flew the first week of December. Fares were $200-300 cheaper per a ticket that week. That’s a lot of 💰.

Once our flights were booked, it was time to start planning what we will need. We were going to be staying with my husband’s family so Facebook messages to family friends in the area would secure a high chair and stroller for us. We brought a travel crib from Kid Co. We probably could borrow a pack n play for our next trip out there. Grandma helped me out with a trip to Target for essentials like diapers, wipes, formula and baby food. It saved SO much room in our luggage. If you don’t have someone who can do shopping for you ahead of time, Amazon Prine can be super helpful. Remember, if you are sending packages to a hotel ahead of time, be sure to coordinate with the conceirge. Hotels usually have a $5 fee for each package that arrives 2 days prior to your arrival.

For our trip to California, I was determined to fit everything into one moderate size suit case and just have a diaper bag and pack pack for the plane. It was a tight fit but everything fit! On our current trip to Miami, I went against my own advice and did not do an Amazon Prime order. We have a suitcase of just baby stuff and a large overweight suitcase of all of our clothes and toiletries. C’est la vie!



Laundry & Cleaning Bottles etc.

When packing, if you have access to laundry, take that into consideration. When we are staying at hotels, I bring a travel squeeze bottle with dish soap and a sponge for bottles etc. and a squeeze bottle of laundry detergent for hand washing items.

Diaper Bag for the Plane

I am pretty strategic and OCD with the diaper bag for the plane. Below is my standard packing list when flying:

* Travel pouch with changing mat, wipes, diapers (enough for length of flight plus 2 for incidentals)

* Changing Pad Sheet – I use this to cover the back of her seat

* Light blanket – we use this to cover her seat.

* Small travel pouch with toys: a book, soft blog, a few blocks

* iPad and kids headphones loaded with our favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Little Einstein Episodes

* Medicines

* First Aid Kit

* Clorox Cleaning Wipes Travel Size

* Snack cup – for plane munchies

* Sippy cup

* Milk/formula

* Pacifier/wubba and blankie

* Hand wipes

* Hand sanitizer

My bag

* Wallet

* Boarding Passes

* Chapstick

* Face lotion

* Gum

* Headphones

* Cell phone loaded with some music, audio book and a movie

Car Seats

When we went to California, we brought our car seat and used this awesome bag from —- to transport it. It has shoulder straps which make it easy to carry to the airport. It also serves as another vessel for storing things! We put jackets, etc in the bag before we checked it.

For Miami, we were going to be walking everywhere once we got there. I really didn’t want to deal with a car seat going into a cab. For $30 more than the cost of a cab roundtrip, we secured car service with a free car seat! Research on TripAdvisor for car service referrals before you fly or check with your hotel concierge.


For Miami, we brought our stroller and checked it at the gate. Make sure it’s collapsible and that you collapse it for them. Otherwise you are going to witness it getting broken by the poor airline employee trying to figure out how it works 😂

Tomorrow, I’ll share tips on flying with your little ones. Happy Monday peeps!


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