Kitchen Renovations: Part 2 -Paint & Countertops

Last Saturday I shared our layout renovation. Eliminating a doorway and reworking our counter space really began the start of a dramatic difference.


The next step was to paint the cabinets. I wanted to go with a two tone look. The uppers we painted white so they would help brighten up the dark kitchen. I choose a grayish blue for the base cabinets. We painted the cabinets over a couple of weekends and were really happy with how they turned out. We learned about a paint hardener after we finished painting the cabinets. The hardener helps prevent chipping, so when we do a fresh coat in a few months we’ll make sure to add the hardener. 

Wall Color

We painted the whole kitchen a pale sky blue. I considered white and every now and then I wish I did it white. But once the backsplash and shelves go up, I know the soft blue will be the perfect compliment color.


The big change was getting rid of the awful red countertops, dear lord. They are horrible. Originally, I was looking into painting them to save money. It sounded like an ok solution for the short term, but realistically, it was going to chip and drive me crazy. Ultimately, I waited patiently for Lowe’s to have their Labor Day sale so we could get  0% financings to pay for the countertops. We went with a curava stone that is actually made by a local company, Merrimack Stone! Who would have thought that we could buy local at Lowe’s, amazing! And the stone is amazing. It is made from recycled glass and is super durable to everything. It’s easy to clean up and stains come off even after they have been there for a while. We also got a beautiful new stainless steel sink with a Kohler faucet. I wanted to do a farmers sink, but ya know…đź’µ. I actually love or new sink and really happy with it. Our previous one was so shallow and made washing dishes a nightmare. I love that I can pull the faucet head down to wash dishes and rinse the sink. It’s the little things.

The butcher block countertop on the stove side of the kitchen is from Ikea. It was about $160 for an 8 feet. Awesome deal.

So with some fresh paint and new countertops, this kitchen is starting to look and feel like our kitchen! Next week, from a stove nook to a fridge and coffee nook! Have a great weekend everyone! 


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