Toddler Tuesday: Love for Highlights

When I was a kid I LOVED reading Highlights Magazine. I could not wait for the new issue every month. My favorite part of the magazine was seeing all of the artwork by other kids. I was always impressed by the skill level at different ages.

I was so excited when my step-sister got my daughter a subscription of Highlights for Christmas! What made it even better, is that Highlights magazine has expanded its offerings and has a special edition just for little kids, Hello Magazine! The books are made of a high-quality material that is durable to drool, teething, and all the action of a toddler. My daughter LOVES these books. She loves seeing the pictures of other kids her age reading the book. She seems to memorize all of the little stories and applauds at her favorite parts. We are working on how to “find” things in the picture search. So far we can only find cats & dogs 🙂

In addition to Hello Magazine, they have a High Five magazine for ages 2-6, which also comes in Spanish! My husband speaks fluent Spanish, so I know we’ll be signing up for the High Five Bilingual edition.

I highly recommend a subscription to Highlights magazine for your little one. They are easy to throw in a diaper bag, as an activity in their car seat, or for story time. They will love it and you will love getting a new version every month.

You can sign up for a subscription to Hello Magazine here:

You can review all Highlight subscriptions here:

Note: This is not an ad. I really do love highlights magazine! I can’t wait until she is old enough to get the big kids version so I can admire kids’ artwork again. Kids are amazing 🙂


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