Time to Break Out the Bathing Suit 

It’s almost here, our first vacation as a family. A lot has changed since my husband and I have had our last vacation, like my body.

Before my daughter was born, I was happy with my weight and body. I had huge boobs that were too big for my body. Growing up, I was constantly was made fun of and teased about my boobs, many thinking they were fake. When we got pregnant, I joked that I hoped my boobs would shrink from breastfeeding the baby. Oh did they shrink. I went from an E before I got pregnant to a very deflated C.

My stomach wasn’t anything amazing before we got pregnant. It was slim and a bit of a pouch and love handles. It could have been better but I was lazy and after years of being an athlete, I was over 10 minute abs. WhenI was pregnant, I used all of the different lotions they tell you to use to avoid stretch marks. But let’s be real. It is impossible to not gain a stretch mark after your skin has been stretched out to fit a baby! There is no magic potion that can prevent those marks.  The worst/grossest feeling I had after my daughter was born was my deflated stomach just standing straight up right after she was born. I pushed it down because I was so grossed out by it. And then I was freaked out by the empty feeling of her not being there when I pushed it down.

After she was born, I didn’t diet. I didn’t workout. My joints started having major issues and just walking was a challenge. We stopped breastfeeding after 8 weeks. I didn’t do anything really to try to lose the baby weight. I was just trying to get through each day as her Mom. I would call a day a success if I took a shower that day, high five Mom!

But before I knew it, I was 10 lbs LESS  from my pre-pregnancy weight.  WHAT?! As a former athlete who had to keep her weight at this weight for years with extreme diets and exercise, it seemed like a complete miracle to lose all of that weight without dieting and working out. But the female body is a pretty amazing thing. It bounces right back. And as a Mom, you don’t take into consideration the amount of times you are picking up and putting down your baby, twisting and bouncing, walking around in circles with their stroller for an hour until they fall asleep. Workouts are disguised in your every day care for your child. You also may not have as much time to eat like you did before you had a child. You prioritize what is easy and quick to eat. If you are able to you try to make your food choices a healthy choice. As a Mom you are too busy taking care of your child to think about a needless snack. You are too tired to drink that whole bottle of wine. I still can’t finish drinking a beer when we go out. I’m lucky if I drink half of it before it’s time to leave the restaurant.

Pre Baby Body (and my handsome!)

Post Baby Belly
So, despite losing all of that weight. My stomach is a wrinkly mess. Could I do some abs and see if it tightens up? Sure. But do I think it will help, doubtful. It does bother me how it looks. And yes, I know, I had a baby! It’s my Mama scar. But let’s be honest, I don’t want to flaunt it on vacation. Especially when we are going to be in Miami during Spring Break (oops!).

So for my first vacation back in a bathing suit, I treated myself to some new bathing suits. I went with a two piece with a high waisted bottom. The bottom stops right at the bottom of my belly button, hiding my wrinkles. My boobs look and feel like deflated balloons in the top, but for the first time they are not huge, hallelujah! I also got a beautiful one piece. It’s a fun pattern and has a little bit of “sexiness” with the slit down the center. I always prefer to hide my boobs so the high neck is amazing. A one piece will also be practical for when I am playing with and chasing our daughter around.

At the end of the day, I can’t wait to just be on the beach with my family! The beach is my favorite place in the world. I may have to figure out a new way of relaxing with a toddler, but at least I’ll be comfortable in my bathing suits 👙


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