Guest Blogger: Amanda!

I’m so excited to welcome my first guest blogger, my beautiful friend, Amanda!

Amanda is a true partner in crime – baking sprees, beach trips, concerts, being stuck in a parking lot at 2 AM after a Taylor Swift concert with a very pregnant me, caretaker for my fur baby, “auntie”, weddings, regattas. Amanda is a girl you can always count on.

Amanda and I met through the rowing world, and thankfully our friendship goes beyond rowing. We share a joint love for cooking, baking, wine, puppies, babies and the beach. Amanda is a self-taught cook who is a warrior in the kitchen. She is a spectacular hostess, hosting friends over for various dinner and breakfast parties.  I’ve learned some great recipes and cooking tricks from her. But let me tell you, Amanda is a WARRIOR in the kitchen. She is known for cooking DELICIOUS meals for 100 people! In her first series, Amanda will walk us through how she approaches cooking for large groups of people, from food shopping to creating a menu to the cooking. You may never find a need to cook for 100 people, but her method can easily apply to cooking for the holidays, a dinner party with friends, or just your everyday cooking. In the fall, I can’t wait for Amanda’s dinners on Tuesday nights. My favorite night of the week!


Meet Amanda:

Age:  28

Sign:  Aquarius

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Drink:  Coffee & Wine

Favorite Show:  The West Wing

Guilty Pleasure:  Bubble Baths! (with Netflix…and wine.)

Dream Vacation:  A month in New Zealand. Hiking, beaching, adventuring!

Favorite Vacation:  Our mini-moon to Camden, Maine at Whitehall, a dreamy little B&B. As much as I loooved our belated honeymoon to Mexico, there was something so special about getting away for a few days after our wedding.

Current Goal: Get back into running shape! I’ve always loved running, but fell off the bandwagon. I’d love to do another half-marathon in the fall.

Favorite Thing To Do on the Weekends:  Mini-adventures! My husband and I love to take little day trips to fun towns, restaurants, and sites. We’re currently starting a spring/summer plan for visiting dog-friendly breweries with our pup Moxie.

Follow her on Instagram @ajmilad

Stay tuned for Amanda’s first post this Thursday! 


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