The Never Ending Bug

Our little one is on her gazillionth bug this winter. We’ll be headed to the Doctor’s office later today where I’m sure we’ll be told it’s an ear infection again. The poor thing just had one a month ago and has had her highest fever yet.

Like any parent knows, it breaks my heart to see her so miserable. She spent most of Sunday crying inconsolably starting at 4 AM. Of course, I constantly remind myself that it’s only a bug and that things could be far worst.

So what do I do when the little one is sick:

1) Snuggles. Screw whatever sleep rule people tell you. When your little one is sick, do whatever helps them get the rest they need. For us, that means she ends up in our bed when she is uncomfortable. Sleeping in our bed means I can help prop her up to help with her congestion and when her ears are bothering her from lying down.

2) Wash our hands, lots! We are pretty good with washing her hands. We have taught her how to use a wipe to wash her hands before and after every meal. We help her each time but always have her try first. When she’s sick we pay extra attention to the times in between meals when she needs her hands washed.

3) Fluids. We make sure she gets plenty of fluids. If she is really under the weather, I make she gets one bottle of pedialyte mixed with some juice. If she is really congested, I try to avoid dairy products, so we do minimize how much milk she gets on those days.

4) Vitamin Rich Foods. I’m always making sure she has a protein, fruit and veggie at every meal. But when she’s feeling under the weather, I try to think about what else I can do with her meals to make sure she is getting her vitamins. The other day I made her a basmati rice with tumeric, garlic, bay leaves and lemon juice & zest…it was so good, and healthy! Her appetite has been pretty bad with this bug so scrambeled eggs and banana and some fresh bone stock in a sippy cup have been helpful.

5) Encouraging rest and play. It’s important that she gets some active time when she isn’t feeling well. Just like adults, sometimes you need movement to help fight a bug. I also make sure she gets a solid amount of rest and relaxation. She isn’t the best napper when she isn’t feeling well, sometimes it’s just snuggles on the couch and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I’m looking forward to Spring, and hoping this is our last bug for a while. On a separate note, Mama and Dada are doing whatever we can to make sure we don’t get sick.


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