It’s here…”school”

Ugh, I can’t believe the time is finally here. Isabelle has her first day of “school” today.

Let me first start off with knowing how incredibly lucky I am to have been able to bring my daughter to work with me for the past 9 months. It was a dream to be able to not send her to daycare until she was at least 1, and that became a reality when we moved to NH to be closer to my family and an opportunity a job opened up at my family’s company. I am so grateful that my family has allowed me to bring her to work with me every day, and that my co-workers have been patient, understanding, and respectful of Isabelle being in the office. I also am grateful that they all love her and have a special relationship with her.

Before I lost my dream job, I had every intention of sending her to daycare at 3 months. I was planning on traveling internationally for work and working LOTS of long days. After she was born, I couldn’t even think about her going to daycare as a baby. When she was born I was unemployed and had NO IDEA what I wanted to do for work. All I knew was that if I was going to work, I better love what I am doing and I better not be making a salary that only pays for daycare. With that being said, living in Boston was out of the question. Daycare cost is just D.U.M.B. It’s a college tuition. It’s RIDICULOUS.

Just thinking about sending her to school, I get emotional. Have I been delaying the inevitable, yes. Am I crazy for being sad, I don’t think so. She’s my baby and I want to know that she is safe, happy and healthy, always. I have so many thoughts running through my mind: will she know that sometimes she still wants a cuddle with a bottle before nap time, that she needs her blankie and wubba, will she help her eat a yogurt…so many thoughts. I know she will be in good hands, and it will take a few times of her going before I feel better about it.

At the office, I tried to create a warm and fun play area for her filled with books, blocks, musical instruments, and pictures of her family (her favorite thing). I take breaks to read to her, and sing songs. She will sit in her chair next to me sometimes and pretend she is on the computer with her keyboard, mouse and calculator.  She loves to read, sort cups, and fill and empty her blocks bin, color.


Isabelle is so ready to go to school. She needs to learn to play with other kids besides her cousins. She needs someone who will be able to spend the time with her during the day to teach her different things. She loves seeing kids her own age, and I know she is going to have a blast. I’m sure there will be some hard days when she just wants Momma and Daddy, and those will be the hardest. But in the end, I know this will be great for her.

We’re starting off slow with 1 day a week (I know…I know), but I also need to start budgeting for the daycare. Nothing like buying an old farmhouse and having a baby in the same year, woo. After our vacation in March, she’ll start going 3 days a week and eventually full time this summer as the peak of our business will be cranking. In the fall, we’ll see how she is doing, but we will probably adjust to part-time just to save some money.

I plan on sending her to school with a special lunch, a picture of her family, her wubba and blankie, and a big hug and kiss. I’m sure my day will be filled with sporadic tears, and staring at the clock. Looking forward to the day when I see daycare as a blessing and I treat myself to a manicure or the gym.



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