The First Birthday Party!

We had a great party a few weeks ago with some of our closest friends and Grandma & Grandpa, to kick off our little one’s First Birthday! When I originally started to contemplate what to do for a theme, I knew I wanted to stay away from traditional birthday themes. I wanted to save those options for her to pick each year. With that being said, I thought about what was special to me during my childhood. When I was a little girl, my Grandma always used to bring us boxes of animal crackers, and on special occasions we would get the frosted ones! For some reason, I thought we could only get the frosted ones from the commissary store on the military base, so it always seemed like an extra special trip to get those cookies with my Grandma. I love the simplicity of basing the theme around those cookies, and that I could use lots of pinks and purples as accents. Since we didn’t know what we were having when we were pregnant, we had a lot of greys (which I love!). So I really wanted to make the party pronounce with pinks and purples.

For food, we made a Chipotle Maple Pulled Pork and Creamy Polenta from How Sweet It Is‘ recipe. We paired with the pork and polenta a simple garden salad with a homemade vinagerette. It was perfect recipe for a cold winter day. It also was a great option for feeding about 15 people as we cooked the pork overnight and made the polenta in the morning and had both items in crockpots for the guests to serve themselves.


I was determined to make her first birthday cake. Boy, was it a war. I love baking. I’ve made several cakes before this one. But I’ve yet to have success with getting a cake out of the pans no matter how well I butter, shorten, spray, flour the pan! Honestly, if anyone has any tips, please let me know. I think I might need to sign myself up for a cake baking class.


I made a white cake using Add A Pinch‘s recipe along with her buttercream frosting recipe. I made the cake purple with food coloring and the frosting pink. I would recommend doubling the frosting recipe as one batch is not enough.  I lined the cake with animal crackers cookies after frosting and ….VOILA!


Having planned various events over the past 15 years, the ones I love to plan the most are for the people I love. I had so much fun planning our little one’s birthday, but I also had to make sure I didn’t go crazy with the budget…Below you can find links for where I purchased some items and tips on some of my homemade items.

Birthday Outfit. via GraceandLucille

Florals.    via Coll’s Garden Center & Florist

Tassels & One Balloon. via PomJoyFun

Animal Cracker Wall Decals.  via Wallums

Cake Topper.  via HBSouthernInspired

Photo Banner.    Homemade using PowerPoint

Animal Crackers.  Mother’s Brand (Wal-Mart was the only place I could find them. It took 2 full size bags for the cake)

Animal Cracker Tins.  via antique vendors on Etsy

Paper Items. via Target & Wal-Mart


One Comment Add yours

  1. Cheila says:

    What an amazing cake! The decorations and dress are also lovely 🙂


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